The Best Antivirus Software for Windows 10 in 2020

Windows is the most targeted operating system mostly because it exists forever and is widely used. The popularity of this OS is the main reason why hackers focus on creating malware for it. It is much easier to attack devices running on Windows because there are a lot of them.

That’s why avoiding potentially dangerous websites is not enough if you use this OS. You need the best antivirus software for Windows PC if you want security for your data. Remember, that a virus can not only corrupt your files but give a hacker access to personal information like passwords and credit card details as well. So, you need always need to install one of our top antiviruses for Windows 10.

1. Best security for Windows: TotalAV The Ultimate Antivirus

We like:
  • Decent protection from phishing
  • Disc cleanup
  • Fast scan
We don’t like:
  • Unreliable protection from malware
  • High price


This antivirus software will provide you with lots of features like VPN, ad blocking, and many others. Still, it lacks the main feature – reliable protection from viruses and ransomware protection.

As TotalAV review shows, the app doesn’t recognize quite a lot of malicious files as malwareSo we wouldn’t say that this software will protect you from viruses and ransomware. It offers pretty good protection from phishing. But still, it’s not enough.

The software has a System Boost section where you can find features that allow you to set up some settings. You can manage the list of programs that are running on the startup, uninstall programs and manage cookies and history of your browser. It is nice, but it can be done with built-in Windows tools. And you can always delete cookies and history in settings of your browser.

Another feature, Disc Cleaner, will scan your PC for trash and delete it. Again, there are programs like CCleaner that can do it. As for extra-cost features, TotalAV offers good ransomware protection, malware protection, VPN, password manager, ad block, and Identity Protection.

The pricing is as follows (save up to $90 for the first year of subscription):

  • Total Security – $59 for the 1st year;
  • Internet Security – $39 for the 1st year;
  • Antivirus Pro for one device – $29 for the 1st year;
  • Total AV Free version.

2. Best for Overall Antivirus Protection: McAfee Antivirus

We like:

  • User-friendly, easy to download and install
  • Industry-leading real-time antivirus protection
  • Thorough virus removal
We don’t like:
  • Not the most affordable offer on the market
  • Requires more resources during scans than the rivals


3. The Best Antivirus Software in Terms of Flexibility: Norton Security

We like:

  • Excellent protection for all platforms, superb parental controls
  • Highly configurable, low little system impact
  • 60-days money-back guarantee
We don’t like:
  • Not the fastest scans among rivals
  • Most of the extra features are average at best


4. The Best Lightweight Antivirus with Automatic Scanning: ESET Nod32

We like:

  • Simple, intuitive, lightweight
  • Offers a free tool for social media scanning
  • Fully compatible with the Linux OS
We don’t like:
  • The list of extras is quite limited
  • The multi-device packages are rather expensive


Do You Need an Antivirus for Windows 10?

Windows always was a piece of cake for hackers because of the popularity of this OS and Windows Defender never help you with it. It is easy to target a large audience if you choose the most widely-used operating system as a medium. And even though Microsoft works hard on improving the safety of Windows, this OS remains vulnerable. However, it should be said that the security in Windows 10 is much better than the level of protection Windows XP had.

To keep your system protected, you have to update the antivirus database regularly. And, thus, you have to update the whole system. We all know how annoying and time-consuming this process is. That’s why we try to avoid it. But if you want to be safe, you have to go through it once in a while.

So it is still crucial to have an virus protection on your PC, even if you use the latest update of Windows 10 and Microsoft Windows Defender. Think about this – Microsoft works on various things improving its OS. Developers improve the performance, make the system more suitable for new apps and, of course, update the database of malware. That’s a lot of work.

Antivirus providers focus solely on protecting their users from attacks. So they, no doubt, give more time and efforts to it. Therefore, they can offer much more reliable internet security suite.

Wi-Fi protection

When connecting at home or work, we can safely assume that other computers in these network care free from viruses, but it doesn’t work that way when you’re on public Wi-Fi. By connecting to a Wi-Fi network in a cafe, hotel, airport, or subway, you open your data to everyone.

Anyone is capable of intercepting your traffic on the public network. That is why we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules of safe behavior on public networks and, of course, follow them. And, of course, it is always a good idea to spend some time and get the proper antivirus product that will do the job for you.

Which Antivirus Software is Best for Windows 10?

To pick one of the best antiviruses for Windows security, you have to understand what you are looking for. Here are several criteria that should define your choice:

  • Full coverage. The security software has to protect you from all kinds of malware that exist at the moment.
  • The antivirus program has to have a minor impact on the performance of your system possible. If it slows down the computer – it’s not a good option for you.
  • Some providers have higher rates, others – lower. Understand your budget and consider only options that fit it.
  • User experience. It is important that you don’t struggle setting up the internet security software and interacting with it.
  • Look for reviews of the antivirus software you’re going to buy. See if in real life it is as good as the provider describes it.

Now, when you know how to choose the optimal antivirus for Windows, we can get to reviewing the most popular and reliable providers.

What About Free Windows Defender Alternative?

Windows Defender is not as unreliable as most people think. It existed since Vista and used to show little to no success. Lab tests of Windows Defender have shown very poor results – only 60-70% rate.

However, today best free antivirus software shows much better results than Windows Defender – 99.1%. It is not perfect. Windows Defender score is lower than most antiviruses mentioned above and even than best free antivirus solutions. It has pure security suite and no internet security features. But it protects your PC, and it is already installed and enabled. You don’t have to learn how to work with it as well as install anything. The Defender doesn’t take much place, doesn’t conflict with other apps and needs little resources.

Of course, there are issues. The protection of Windows Defender is not perfect (especially ransomware protection and malware protection), but again – it is free. On the one hand, a good free Total AV antivirus protection is also always here for us. But, on the other – if you have Windows 10 you don’t need to worry about anti virus protection a lot.

Bottom Line

Nowadays antivirus protection is vital. It is one of the apps you simply can’t ignore. Malefactors are constantly working on new malware and other ways to get what they want. So you can’t just hope your PC will be fine. Especially if you use Windows OS. Sure, other operating system is far from safe as well. But as we told earlier, since this operating system is so popular, it is a favorite target of hackers.

The security suites don’t cost that much for you to neglect it. Trust us, you will spend more money trying to resurrect the data damaged by a virus. And you are lucky if only some data will be the victim of malware. If hackers steal your sensitive information – credit card details, for example – you will lose much more. So just get one of the antivirus products especially including the fact that there are free options (best free antivirus software here).

Also, along with antivirus products, you will get some additional useful tools and security suites. And it is always nice to have instruments that help you get the most of your PC. So spending money on the protection of your device, you will have a full set of various features as a huge bonus: malware protection, spyware protection, VPN, phishing protection and etc.

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