MobiKin Eraser for Android 3.1.18

Permanently delete the data from your Android smartphone or tablet without having to worry that your data can be recovered and stolen via this tool

What’s new in MobiKin Eraser for Android 3.1.18:

  • Fixed some bugs.

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MobiKin Eraser for Android is a lightweight utility designed to help you wipe all data from your Android device before selling it. According to the developer, following the deletion, the phone should be like brand new and you do not have to worry about anyone stealing private information from it.

Erase data from your phone in just three steps

After a quick installation, you need to connect your phone to the computer, which you can do via WiFi or USB. The second step entails that you set the security level for the erase and start the deletion process by entering Delete and hitting Erase.

It is worth mentioning that the app is designed to wipe all kinds of data, from your agenda, messages and call logs to calendars, music, videos and books. Moreover, the tool can delete private data such as accounts, transaction records, browsing history, passwords and other similar data without the possibility of recovering.

Includes several security levels for deletion

As previously mentioned, the application prompts you to select the level of security for your operation. The low level is the fastest and entails overwriting data from your smartphone or tablet and it is a good option for cleaning a device that you do not have too much information on.

The medium level of security erases and overwrites the data to ensure that the data is 100% not recoverable, as indicated by the developer. The high level is the safest option, as you probably guessed, and implies overwriting the data three times. Consequentially, you do not have to worry about data recovery, even with highly specialized tools.

A straightforward tool for permanently deleting data from your Android phone

In the eventuality that you are planning to give away or sell your Android device, then MobiKin Eraser for Android provides you with a quick and painless way to delete files and search history permanently.

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