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A web browser extension that helps you find the best coupons available for online shopping websites, that can offer cashback, credit back or savings

Online shopping has become very popular over the years. It is much more convenient to buy with a few simple clicks than having to go to the store yourself.

Naturally, shopping websites have begun providing customers with online coupons, allowing them to benefit from virtually visiting their stores. And if you want to be able to use the best coupons available, Wikibuy can help you find them.


This web browser extension can help you find deals for a wide variety of popular stores. These include Walmart, Microsoft, Lenovo, Dell, and shopDisney.

How it works

You just need to install the extension to your web browser and you’re pretty much done. From then on, whenever you visit one of the supported stores’ website, it will automatically notify you of the available coupons.

Depending on the store, it can find one or even more coupons. It will give you a list of all the ones available and you will be able to then choose the best deal.

There are three main categories of coupons. The first two are the cashback and credit back. This will give you back a percentage of the price you paid or are going to pay for the bought product or service.

And, as expected, the third category consists of the savings. These coupons are used to save you from paying an exact percentage or amount of money out of the full price when buying something.

Final thoughts

If you are an active person and like to go out a lot, then you would probably enjoy shopping the old-fashioned way more. But if you prefer comfort over physical activity or are too busy to go anywhere else, then online shopping is for you.

And why pay full prices for everything when Wikibuy can help you spend as little money as possible?

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Wikibuy from Capital One 0.1.1000.725 for Windows

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