NetProf 1.0

Manage network profiles on your computer using this simple and lightweight application, which allows you to rename or delete entries

Versions of Windows prior to 7 had a dedicated interface for managing network profiles, but this utility was removed with the release of Windows 8. When the PC connects to an Internet access point, a new network profile is created automatically. These details are stored in the registry, which gets filled with new profiles for each new connection.

Renaming or deleting a network profile in Windows 10 requires you to tamper with the system’s registry. You should do so only if you are an experienced user, as the registry editor is a powerful tool and misusing it might render the PC unusable. Another method is to work with the system commands in the Windows console, but this is a bit laborious. Alternatively, you could call to a simple application called NetProf, which is short for Network Profiles Manager.

Check out a list of network profiles 

As its name suggests, NetProf provides a simple user interface to help you rename or delete available network profiles in Windows 8 and 10. The application comes packed in a ZIP archive and requires no installation, ensuring full compatibility with both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. However, keep in mind that it makes changes to the computer’s registry, meaning administrative rights are needed.

NetProf displays a list of all the available network profiles within its small window. To see the unique ID of each profile, you simply have to move the horizontal slider to the right.

Rename and delete network profiles 

With NetProf, you can either rename or delete any of the network profiles. When changing the name of a profile, keep in mind that the new name has some restrictions to it: it must be up to 32 characters long, including spaces. The changes should be instantly visible in the Network and Sharing Center.

Please be advised that you should not delete the active network profile. However, if you do so, disable and re-enable the physical network card to allow Windows to create a new profile.

A simple network profile manager  

NetProf is one of those simple yet handy tools that advanced users might cherish. It allows you to manage network profiles easily and get rid of profiles that are no longer in use.

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NetProf 1.0 for Windows

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