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Secure your computer against ransomware attacks, with this easy-to-use program that scans for suspicious activity and performs user-defined actions when a threat is detected

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Ransomware attacks can make it impossible for you to access your files or even use your PC without paying the malware creators, and there is never any guarantee that they will provide you with the means to retrieve your data even if you follow their instructions.

Fortunately, there are ways to secure your computer against these threats, in the form of applications like Cyber Prot. It is an easy-to-use software solution that offers real-time protection and can block infections by performing various actions.

A user-friendly program that offers helpful tooltips

Cyber Prot is rather simple to configure, as you only need to enable or disable various functions in order to determine what the application should do when a threat is detected and which scanning tools should be employed. Each of these functions is accompanied by a tooltip, and it is highly recommended that you read them before activating any of the program’s capabilities.

Block ransomware attacks before too much damage is caused

The program reacts and can detect changes before they actually happen on the disk and can quarantine the responsible process before it got the chance to do any damage instead of taking actions like shutting down the computer or just sending a notification as in previous versions. Also, thanks to the massively improved heuristic engine, it can detect ransomware activity, even if their signatures are not yet in its database by employing new types of checks, like mime type changes detection.  Multiple actions can be performed when a threat is detected, from playing a sound alert and sending an e-mail message to shutting down your computer and even preventing it from booting up again.

An unobtrusive application that features a somewhat outdated UI

Cyber Prot can be minimized to the system tray once the real-time protection engine has been configured, and it will continue scanning your system while running in the background. From a visual standpoint, the application could use a bit more polish, as the user interface features a rather plain and simplistic design. In conclusion, Cyber Prot is a helpful program that can help you prevent ransomware attacks and keep your files secure. It offers real-time protection and allows you to specify which actions should be performed when a threat is found.

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