Broadcast live music on the Internet and view real-time statistics about your listeners, with this comprehensive piece of software

Online music streaming services are becoming ever more popular, as they can easily be accessed wherever an internet connection is available and offer much more variety than classic radio stations.

SAMCAST STUDIO is a complex application aimed at those who want to create an online streaming station of their own and broadcast live music in various formats.

Advanced sound processing

If you only want to modify basic parameters, SAMCAST STUDIO offers an equalizer function that can be used to create and save numerous presets.

The application also features an advanced audio processor, which includes a gated AGC, stereo expander, bass equalizer, 2-band processor, 5-band processor and clipper. When using the multi-band processors, you have access to a compressor, expander and limiter for each band.

Moreover, you can save AGC presets to create multiple configurations, designed to improve the quality of various types of songs.

Choose between multiple encoders

The application allows you to encode audio in multiple formats and bitrates at the same time. You can choose between various plugins, such as aacPlus v2, MP3, mp3PRO, Ogg or Windows Media encoders.

There are numerous settings that can be customized for each format, including bitrate, channel mode, sampling rate and quality.

It is also possible to load metadata to your streams, to display song title, duration and artist information to your listeners.

Access real-time statistics

SAMCAST STUDIO enables you to view how many people are listening to your broadcast at any given time. The application displays the current audience as well as the peak value, allowing you to see if your listeners like what you are playing or are switching to other stations.

The information is displayed in a real-time graph, which can be analyzed to determine when your broadcast is most popular.

All in all, SAMCAST STUDIO is a comprehensive software solution, designed to help you broadcast music on the Internet in various formats and offers advanced audio processing functions, while providing you with detailed information about your audience.

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SAMCAST STUDIO 2021.3 for Windows

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