ActivityWatch 0.11.0

A cross-platform application that allows you to record everything you do at your PC, showing you how much time you spend using each app

What’s new in ActivityWatch 0.11.0:

  • Summary:
  • Categories can now have colors!
  • Note: If you’re updating, your categories will not have any colors set by default.
  • Barchart visualization now supports categories, as well as the weekly/monthly view.

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Have you ever wondered how much time do you spend using which app while sitting at your PC? Are you afraid that you spend too much time on certain websites, like, for example, Facebook?

If you are mainly using your PC for 1 or 2 purposes, then you surely haven’t been asking yourself any of the above questions. But if you use it more extensively than that and want to be able to track your time spent, then ActivityWatch is the answer.

Install it and you’re ready to go

This program is almost undetectable on your device. You just need to install it and then the application will take care of the rest. It can start automatically when you turn on your PC and it will carry on with the tracking.

It has no window and will not bother you while you are using the device. If you do wish to have a look through it, you can find the program minimized in the system tray.

When you open the application, it will be displayed in a new tab on your default web browser. There is where it will show you a breakdown of all the activities performed on the PC.

What it can show you

ActivityWatch creates user-friendly pie charts and graphs for easier viewing of all the information it gathered. This is where you can see how much time you spend using which app.

When using a web browser, not only does it track the usage of the entire program, but it also breaks down how much time you spend in each tab.

You also have the possibility to categorize each app and website, to let ActivityWatch know which of them are being used for work, entertainment and so on.


This is a program that probably not many people thought about using. But if you are interested in how you spend your time at your PC and want to keep a record of it, then it can be perfect for you.

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ActivityWatch 0.11.0 for Windows

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