Password Manager XP Professional 4.0 Build 808

Feature-rich tool designed for saving and storing passwords, with support for web browser integration (with auto filling) and pen drive adaptation

What’s new in Password Manager XP Professional 4.0 Build 808:

  • Fixed: Column widths are reset after cloud sync in some cases.

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Password Manager XP Professional is a professional software utility capable of storing passwords to various accounts and applications. It comes bundled with advanced, yet intuitive options to meet the requirements of all user levels.

Toward the end of the installation procedure you can set the app to automatically launch on system startup and notify about expired passwords, as well as to integrate into web browsers.

The interface is user-friendly. Creating a new database requires you to fill in information regarding the database name, password and location, allowed users, encryption method (e.g. Blowfish, Rijndawl, Twofish), backup settings, and other parameters such as concurrent write access and logs with data changes.

Adding a new record to the database is very simple. All you have to do is specify details about the record entry, like title, icon, user and account name, URL and password. Advanced settings include date of creation, modification and expiration. Files may be attached.

Databases can be easily backed up to PMB files. Moreover, you can synchronize data to a remote database location, remove corrupt file attachments, import and export information to CSV and TXT files, edit and clone records, as well as customize fields to display in the main application window.

Other options let you view the action log of any entry, extract attachments, copy the password, user name, account or URL to the Clipboard, change user permissions, locate particular entries using a search function, install Password Manager XP Professional on a pen drive, as well as use a random password generator with filters.

As far as program settings are concerned, you can set the tool to start minimized, disable drag-and-drop for moving and copying objects, switch to another UI language, font and scaling level, remap hotkeys, opt out of web browsers when it comes to integration (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome) and edit form filling settings, and so on.

Password Manager XP Professional is low-demanding when it comes to CPU and RAM. It has a good response time and works well, without causing the OS to hang, crash or pop up error messages. All in all, this feature-rich application for storing passwords should satisfy all types of users.

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Password Manager XP Professional 4.0 Build 808 for Windows

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