EyeAuras 1.1.2082

An application that allows you to clone a window and keep it, or just a part of it, always on top while you are using something else

There are moments when you want to keep a constant eye on a window, but not actually use it. It can be a video playing in a corner of the screen or a conversation with multiple people, depends on the situation.

For people who have multiple screens at their disposal, it isn’t even a problem anymore. But for those who only have one, EyeAuras can be a solution.

What it does

This program can basically clone any open window and keep a copy of it, or an aura, always on top of your screen. You can then play around with that copy and increase or decrease its size and opacity.

If you only need to see a portion of the window and not the entire thing, you can use the option to select a range from it, and the program will just zoom in on that area.

How to use it

Once you’ve opened the program, you can select what window you want it to make a copy of. After the aura is created, you can change its appearance either by right-clicking it or from the program itself.

For example, let’s say you are at work and you are part of a conversation with your colleagues. If you are curious about what they are discussing, instead of bringing up and maximizing the chat window over and over, you can just keep an aura of it in the corner of your screen.

Or if you are playing a game where you need to pay attention to a certain statistic from the side of the screen, you can clone that part and move it closer to the action, just so you have everything in one place.

Overall thoughts

The idea behind EyeAuras unique and extremely useful. The only downside that I could find about it is while trying to clone a YouTube tab. While it did work, the aura didn’t show the video playing but just a still image, like a screenshot. But other than that, it is great.

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EyeAuras 1.1.2082 for Windows

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