Todoist for Firefox 10.2

A reliable task management extension that helps your to assign webpages as tasks with one click, organize them into projects and set deadlines

What’s new in Todoist for Firefox 10.2:

  • Right-click on any page to quickly add it to Todoist using a fully-featured Quick Add.

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We’ve seen plenty of to-do list apps and extensions, yet only some of them can really be helpful by offering truly useful functions. Todoist for Firefox is an extension that ranks pretty well in this huge list of similar software. With this idea in mind, Todoist is suitable for use anywhere, at home, when working, during your vacation, and so on.

An extension that brings the original service closer

Todoist is but an extension of the original service available online and offline for use on various platforms. It makes dealing with your daily tasks easier. Access the extension from the right-hand corner of the browser, as you normally would with any other add-on. Add a quick task if you realize something is missing in your plan. You can add a website as a task or create a reading list filled with blog entries. You can easily check the tasks you’ve accomplished so that you can keep track of what’s left to do.

Plenty of features for all tastes and needs

Your schedule will always be kept under supervision. The extension will point out any tasks you might have missed and offer to reschedule them. Add reminders so you can always be free and not have to remember tons of dates and places. The cool thing about this particular to-do list is the fact that it can also work as a guide for teams of people looking to share all the tasks in-between them. In addition, one can also track the progress made in solving all the tasks at hand.

Todoist for Firefox completes the functionality circle by bringing the already feature-filled service closer to Firefox users. You can access all the main functions through the add-on, thus being able to change themes, pay any of the subscriptions for further privileges or edit your account. Integration with over sixty social media and online utilities amongst which Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, and Slack, broadens one’s “todoist” horizon even further.

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