Binance 1.18.1 / 1.13.10

Buy, trade, and sell crypto assets from the comforts of your computer’s desktop with the help of Binance’s official Windows application

Even though many skeptics defined cryptocurrencies as “Not Money,” time proved that most of them were, in fact, on the wrong side of history.

Despite all the hardships and skepticism, the “crypto craze” is still very much alive and kicking and one thing is sure: it wouldn’t have been possible without some of the world’s best crypto trading platforms.

Launched in 2017 in China (and later moved to Japan), Binance is one of the biggest, most complete, and most popular crypto trading platforms out there averaging well over two billion dollars in daily trades and over one and a half million transactions per second.

Binance has come a long way since its debut a couple of years ago. Besides the numerous official learning tools and crypto-encyclopedias, crypto-based charity foundation, secure wallet, and the community-driven Binance blockchain, the platform also boasts official clients for all the major OSes out there.

About Binance’s official App

We’re here to talk about the Binance Windows app, the perfect tool for everyone looking to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies directly from his or her computer.

The main reason why these clients were created is simple: to offer you the best possible user experience with Binance.

The loading times are allegedly shorter on the desktop app than on the Binance website itself, the GUI is smoother and better looking, there are fewer risks when it comes to web browser-related attacks, and it’s way easier to switch between multiple accounts.

Getting to know the app

If you’re a crypto beginner and you’ve never used services like Binance before, there’s a good chance the app will seem a bit intimidating. This has nothing to with the app itself, but more to do with the complex nature of the trading platform.

The app offers you instant access to some of the latest and best trading deals, as well as to all the relevant markets and trading opportunities.

Everything is provided to you via a black-themed, modern, and smooth-running GUI packing enough customization options to keep even the pickiest traders happy.

You can customize the app’s overall layout, add and remove sections (such as Flash orders, charts, trades, markets, order books, and so forth), as well as choose one of the three available themes.

As expected from a modern app, you also have full control over how the app displays information via notifications, and you can also choose one of the multiple available languages.


Binance’s Windows app gets the job done remarkably well. It looks good, it’s quite beginner-friendly (providing that users actually understand the basics of crypto trading), and it runs just like a native app in terms of smoothness.

With its help, you can benefit from everything that Binance has to offer as a platform, but in a more convenient and secure manner and without forcing you to rely on the web browser to get trading jobs done.

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Binance 1.18.1 / 1.13.10 for Windows

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