SysTools Image Viewer Pro 4.0

Transfer image data to a variety of formats, with this converter that supports a wide range of tweaks for resulting, output files

Multimedia collections these days, with all the advancements in software and related aspects, still retain much of the inherent problems that arise from the variety of available formats. Problems, which in turn, can create interoperability challenges, especially if wanting to take a certain file through several apps. Converters such as SysTools Image Viewer Pro can help alleviate such issues and allow users to migrate their digital image data into several other formats.

Add one or multiple files, as well as entire directories, if circumstances dictate, and proceed with the selection

The application allows users to add several files simultaneously, and this is good news for those who are accustomed to working with bulk processing. Furthermore, entire directories containing files can be added, allowing for an even more efficient workflow.

Simple and efficient management of the added data is offered through several on-screen commands, and acceding to the next step in the conversion process is quite simple. We believe that the included wizard offers a good and accessible approach, especially useful for novices.

Preview the added data, choose one of the many output formats or add protection in the form of password restriction

Just in case you forgot what images you added to the conversion queue, or their characteristics, the app allows you to easily determine that, through the included file previewer. This allows one to quickly identify the added images.

Aside from the numerous output formats available for the conversion process, we also enjoyed the fact that several security options are provided when selecting PDF as output. Therefore, one can add a password, as well as opening restrictions, quite easily.

Simple converter that allows for quick and effective data transfer between image and PDF or document formats

This apparently minimalist, yet capable converter, manages to offer a helping hand to those who seek an effective way of migrating their digital image data to document or even text format, through an intuitive, step-by-step wizard.

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SysTools Image Viewer Pro 4.0 for Windows

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