Portable VoiceMacro 1.4 / Test Build

Handle your computer with the help of voice commands by resorting to this user-friendly piece of software that can also control apps via hotkeys

What’s new in Portable VoiceMacro Test Build:

  • Added ability to use {&QUOTE} in {http(s)://} variable function
  • Fixed autocorrected SetVariable in-window help
  • Fixed possible UI freeze from recent log refreshing changes

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Managing to build up a fluid interaction with your computer obviously translates into considerable productivity since it implies that you have all the necessary resources close at hand and you can access them with minimal effort.

Portable VoiceMacro is an application designed to improve precisely this aspect since it enables you to communicate with your computer via voice commands, by resorting to hotkeys, or moving your mouse in customized ways.

Portable tool that can execute macros

First of all, you need to know that, as its very name makes it transparent, this is the portable version of VoiceMacro, which means carrying it around on a USB stick is possible and should add some points as far as its flexibility is concerned. However, .NET Framework 3.5 is required in order to have the program up and running.

As mentioned, any program or game can be controlled via commands you issue under a profile you can create and edit at any point. An unlimited number profiles can be generated to group your macros, with each of them being associated with a target window so that you ensure the correct commands are carried out.

Lets you assign voice commands and hotkeys

As for how you can create macros, things are once again quite intuitive since you simply need to indicate what should trigger them. As mentioned, you have the possibility of choosing from a voice command, one initiated by the keyboard or an action generated by means of your mouse movements.

Coming up with a description, indicating a group, specifying whether or not you want the action to be carried out multiple times, or only when the target window is active can be done without particular effort. In order to make sure it all works as expected, testing your macros can be easily done as well.

Helps you improve your productivity

All in all, Portable VoiceMacro is a capable software utility designed to increase your computer’s responsiveness and implicitly your productivity, what with its ability to create hotkeys and execute voice commands, all in an intuitive GUI that any user could get accustomed to in a short amount of time.

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Portable VoiceMacro 1.4 / Test Build for Windows

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