PID Key Checker

Check your Microsoft License Key and see whether it is valid or genuine or not with the help of this neat system information tool

What’s new in PID Key Checker

  • Windows 11 Pkconfig added
  • Block key updated
  • Improved key analyze

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We live in an age where buying software can be done almost exclusively digitally, and this applies to OS and office suites just as well, but the problem is figuring out afterward whether or not what you received is the real deal of counterfeit. Taking that aspect into consideration, PID Key Checker is a lightweight system information tool that allows you see your Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office’s license keys, whether or not they are valid, and if they are activated.

Portable, therefore lightweight, fast and efficient

Given that the app does not require any setup process before using it and acting as a portable tool, it presents multiple advantages, such as the fact that it doesn’t create new files in your system folders, or mess around with your registries. Another advantage is that the app can thus be run off of USB flash drives or other forms of removable media, making it an IT technician’s dream.

A UI targeted towards the common user

Whenever you hear about viewing your OS’ license key, the first thing that probably pops in your head is the need to be a Windows wiz to figure it out. Fortunately, this app boasts a UI that is so simple that even someone who’s never used anything similar before will figure out how to use in no time. All you need to do is launch the app and a window displaying your current OS’ license key as well as that of the MS Office suite you have installed, as well as whether or not they are genuine or activated.

A good Windows license viewer

All aspects considered, PID Key Checker’s minimalistic interface, as well as the lightweight nature of the overall app, make it a great choice for those looking to get access to their MS OS or MS Office’s license key fast and efficiently.

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PID Key Checker for Windows

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