DoneEx VbaCompiler for Excel

Convert VBA code in Microsoft Excel workbooks and add-ins to binary code, in the form of a DLL file, with this easy-to-use program

What’s new in DoneEx VbaCompiler for Excel

  • Implemented:
  • Alternative path option for registration key. This option may be used when VBA code is compiled with “Copy protection with registration key”.
  • If registration key alternative path is set then the registration key will be searched in default location (in the folder where DLL with compiled VBA code is located), and if the regkey is not present in default location then it will be searched in the location mentioned in alternative folder option.
  • Compilation work folder. If the work folder is set then all intermediate and temporarily files, which are created during VBA code compilation, will be located in that work folder. It gives a possibility to add this folder into the antivirus software exception list to reduce the antivirus software false positive detections during compilation.

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DoneEx VbaCompiler for Excel is a relatively straightforward application designed to help you turn the VBA code of Excel workbooks and add-ins into binary code. Once the code has been compiled, it cannot be copied or recovered, providing protection against piracy.

It is fairly simple to use, as the application requires minimal user input, and it also comes with detailed documentation.

VBA compiler for Excel workbooks and add-ins

DoneEx VbaCompiler for Excel works by converting the original VBA code into C-code, which is then compiled into a Windows DLL file. Once the process has been completed, the application removes the VBA code from the file and adds external DLL function calls.

The original file is not modified in any way, as the program only works with a copy of the document, but it is still recommended to create a backup before starting a project.

Follow a few simple steps to ensure everything goes smoothly

Naturally, Microsoft Office needs to be installed on your computer in order to process the source files. You also need to enable the “Trust access to the VBA project object model” option in Excel and remove any passwords from files you wish to compile.

You should find the rest of the process to be more or less self-explanatory, but you can also consult the included documentation if you run into any issues. When the job is done, the application can even open the output folder.

Functional and rather simplistic user interface

As far as the UI is concerned, there isn’t too much to be said. The program features a minimalistic layout, and all the main functions are easily accessible from the main window.

All in all, DoneEx VbaCompiler for Excel is a useful tool that enables you to convert VBA code from Excel files into binary code and export it to native DLL files. It is not at all difficult to use, thanks to the included documentation, and it gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

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DoneEx VbaCompiler for Excel for Windows

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