ExamDiff Pro

An efficient and easy to use utility designed for faultless comparison between text files, binary files, directories or clipboard content

What’s new in ExamDiff Pro

  • Fix: Occasional misalignment of diff blocks during comparison with non-classic algorithms when manual synchronization links are used
  • Fix: If both file were changed and the user selected to recompare in the Change Notification dialog, occasionally only one file was reloaded during recomparison

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ExamDiff Pro is a practical and user-friendly comparison utility that helps you to compare different versions of your documents, track changes in various files and folders, as well as share HTML and printed difference reports with your colleagues.

Side-by-side file comparison

Since you can compare whatever document you want from Windows Explorer, using the built-in Shell extension, you can easily navigate to what folder location you want and choose only the files you are interested in.

The main window features a double-pane view that comes in handy when you need to perform side-by-side comparisons, with customizable colors. This way, you are able to preview all the differences and similarities. Because it boasts one of the fastest comparison algorithms, the program analyzes each file in the same way and compares them with equal ease.

Create and compare folder snapshots

In case you want to compare new documents, you can access the proper option from the ‘Files’ menu. You can easily choose the action you are interested in so you can compare files or directories, or simply merge the selected files.

Furthermore, ExamDiff Pro comes with advanced features such as syntax highlighting, word wrapping, automatic detection of changes, regular expression filters, named sessions, drag and drop and full Unicode support. Also, you are able to create ‘snapshots’ of directories so you can compare them later.

The ‘Line Inspector’ panel, located underneath the comparison panes, allows you to view the currently selected line and the matching line in the opposite pane.

By accessing the ‘Navigation’ menu, you are able to go to the next detected difference in the current line, or simply remove all the available bookmarks.

Spot differences between files or folders

All in all, ExamDiff Pro Performs comes in handy for users who need to perform two-way and three-way diff and merge operations and allows them to save all the identified file differences in a standard UNIX DIFF file or to HTML format.

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