AirSend 1.22.151

Simple communication and collaboration with clients, team members or anyone to get work done without wasting a lot of time and energy

When you are part of a team, it is important to rely on tools that help you increase the productivity of yourself and of your colleagues, and AirSend is such a tool.

Straightforward interface

The app features a user-friendly GUI so that even those without expert PC knowledge can still understand the purpose of all menus and buttons.

You can set up several channels for each team you are a part of, then share files and messages with any member you invite to the chosen channel.

Internal chat system

One of the functions of AirSend is its integrated messaging system. It basically works like any instant messenger out there, while also featuring support for a wide range of emoticons.

In addition to exchanging texts with your colleagues, you can also send them files by easily attaching them to your message.

Share files and folders

If you need to share a lot of documents with your peers, the chat might not be your safest bet. Instead, you can create folders where you can upload files.

This way, you can easily store all the items that you want everyone to have within reach when working on a project. In other words, you can save loads of time since nobody needs to look for certain documents instead of focusing on work.

In a nutshell

All in all, AirSend is a reliable utility that does not have a steep learning curve so all team members can learn how to use it in no time.

Not only can you chat with your colleagues or share files, but you can also personalize each channel with a logo or a custom background, as well as export all the current messages, actions and files to a compacted archive for safe backup.

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AirSend 1.22.151 for Windows

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