Black Menu for Chrome 24.5.0

Access the Google service in a quick and effortless manner by resorting to this browser extension that should save you a lot of time

What’s new in Black Menu for Chrome 24.5.0:

  • New storage section in Drive featuring big files.
  • Voice is full-featured again.
  • The meet section has an updated design and access to settings.
  • Added many new and improved translations thanks to community translators. Sign up for translating here

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We could all agree that the services Google provides us with are among the most reliable and popular of their kind.

Black Menu for Google is a software solution that could prove a godsend if you happen to use the Mountain View giant’s services on a daily basis.

Handy Chrome addon that centralizes all of Google’s services

First things first, it is worth mentioning that Black Menu for Google is a Chrome browser extension that should give you no headaches when handling it, no matter if you are a seasoned user or not. On the contrary, the addon was designed as an approachable means of exploring Google’s goodies, all in the same place.

The extension requires no setup whatsoever, which means you simply need to click on its icon in the toolbar to prompt you with all the services it puts at your disposal.

Lets you customize the list of apps you want to quickly access

To be more specific, you can search Google, access Google+, as well as resort to Google Translate if you need to deal with languages you don’t understand. What’s more, Maps, YouTube, News, and Gmail are packed in there, so they are at a one-click distance.

The same can be said about Drive, Calendar, and Keep, which means you can easily share documents and keep track of incoming events as well as explore your important notes.

As made obvious, the Chrome extension brings you close at hand a multitude of opportunities. However, it is important to stress that the ones that we mentioned are just a few of them, with the addon allowing you to customize the list of apps via drag and drop.

Responsive browser extension helping you carry out a host of tasks

On an ending note, Black Menu for Google is a handy browser extension that brings together a multitude of services Google offers to its users, letting them carry out complementary tasks without interfering with their main activity.

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Black Menu for Chrome 24.5.0 for Windows

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