IR1A 5.0

Add a reverb effect to your tracks with the help of this audio plugin that can recreate room ambiences, guitar cabinets, and other effects

Reverb is one of the most often used effects in music production. Most digital audio workstations and virtual synthesizers have it in one form or another, so using basic versions of the effect shouldn’t be a problem for anyone who is just starting to produce music. However, if you’re trying to enhance your sound design, then using a dedicated reverb plugin may become a necessity, especially if you’re trying to imitate or recreate some specific acoustic environments.

While there are many powerful and efficient algorithmic reverbs out there, the best effects are said to be achieved with the help of convolution reverb plugins. These pieces of software create the effect with the help of digital samples of the acoustics of real physical spaces. A sampled reverb is called an impulse response (or IR for short) and it usually takes the form of an uncompressed lossless audio file, like a WAV or an AIFF.

IR1A is a convolution reverb with a minimalistic and comprehensive interface. It comes with just a few IRs that recreate halls, rooms, and cabinets, but allows you to use other IRs that you may find online. From its interface, you can control the IR length, adjust dry and wet amounts separately, add a pre-delay, but also use a high and a low-pass filter.

System requirements

  • Compatible plugin host

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • Silence is inserted at random intervals after a few minutes of use

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IR1A 5.0 for Windows

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