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Keep track of all the podcasts you are following, find new ones and listen to them directly in your browser, with this neat Chrome extension

Podcasts are a great way to keep up with the latest developments around the world and learn more about various subjects. However, the fact that there are so many of them makes it difficult to keep track of series and find interesting ones.

podStation is a Chrome extension that can make it a lot easier to manage your podcasts. It notifies you when new episodes are available, helps you find podcasts and includes a player that allows you to listen to them directly from your browser.

Find interesting podcasts and add them to your subscriptions

If you aren’t all that familiar with podcasts, this extension is a great way to get started. It enables you to find interesting series using www.podcastsearchservice.com and iTunes, and you will be notified of new episodes once you subscribe to them.

You can even insert podcast feeds manually, and the extension is capable of detecting them in pages you visit. The icon will change when a feed is found on a website.

Listen to podcasts and create your own playlists

podStation is not just a simple feed aggregator, as it also comes with a fully functional podcast player. You can listen to episodes while browsing, and playback can be managed directly from the extension’s icon in the Chrome toolbar.

The player normally just takes the episodes in order when listening to a podcast, but you can also create your own playlist and organize them as you see fit. What’s more, the extension can even remove episodes from the playlist when finished.

Finally, it should be mentioned that you can also download episodes in order to listen to them offline, a feature many users will likely appreciate.

Powerful and intuitive podcast manager for Chrome

Overall, podStation is an extension you should definitely consider trying out if you are a Chrome user who regularly listens to podcasts. It can help you find, play and track series, and it is very easy to use.

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podStation 1.44.1 for Windows

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