OpenModelica 1.17 / 1.18.0 Dev 337 Nightly

Complete and open-source package of tools for modeling and simulation projects based on the Modelica language used for mechanical, electrical and hydraulic components

What’s new in OpenModelica 1.17:

  • OpenModelica Compiler (OMC):
  • The new frontend has been further improved, and is now the default choice for all the OpenModelica tools. The -d=newInst flag no longer needs to be set in scripts. The old frontend is no longer maintained and will progressively be replaced also for the API interface used by OMEdit. 21 tickets were fixed since the previous 1.16.5 release.
  • Some issues were fixed in the backend, in particular regarding homotopy() during initialization. Some improvements to code generation, in particular enhancing the support of the HelmholtzMedia library.
  • The MSYS environment used on Windows was updated to a more recent version, with several benefits:

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OpenModelica facilitates a comprehensive and user-friendly environment for developing software based on Modelica, an object-oriented, declarative and multi-domain modeling language typically used in creating mechanical, hydraulic, thermal and electrical components.

The project is free and open source, dedicated to interested parties from any domains, whether they are students, teachers, researchers or industrial workers.

Complete package for working with the Modelica language

The downloaded package includes all the necessary modules for working with Modelica-based models. For instance, there’s an interactive OpenModelica Shell (OMShell) and an advanced interactive compiler (OMC) whose goal is to compile Modelica code to C for simulation purposes. OMC has an API available for querying Modelica code and can be used either from the console interface or as a Corba object.

OpenModelica Notebook (OMNotebook) includes documentation on the Modelica language, taking cue from the Mathematica Notebook. OMOptim is a Modelica design optimization tool used in engineering, designed to improve the energy efficiency of an industrial process.

Comprehensive user documentation and tools

OpenModelica Connection Editor (OMEdit) provides a graphical interface for editing Modelica code, featuring support for Qt C++ libraries and syntax highlighting. Modelica Development Tooling (MDT) is a development utility for Eclipse.

Modelica Modeling Language (ModelicaML) is graphical, made for time-continuous and event-based system dynamics. Lastly, OpenModelica Python Interface (OMPython) provides modeling and simulation features for Python.

Provides a feature-rich environment for Modelica modeling and simulation

On the developer’s website, you can check out Modelica samples, examples, libraries, scripts and various other useful tools that aren’t included in OpenModelica. The piece of software worked smoothly on Windows 10 in our tests and had low impact on resources consumption during runtime.

Taking into account its rich options and configuration settings, OpenModelica should satisfy the requirements of most PC users looking for a modeling and simulation tool based on Modelica.

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OpenModelica 1.17 / 1.18.0 Dev 337 Nightly for Windows

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