Notepad++ 8.1

A source code and text editor for all programmers that comes with support for various languages, providing a wide range of productivity tools to ease their work

What’s new in Notepad++ 8.1:

  • Fix regression of auto-completion performance issue (Fix #9975)
  • Fix Open dialog with “Save” label for “Open” button (Fix #9966)
  • Fix Notepad++ crash on dark mode while starting up (Fix #9961)
  • Improve look & feel in dark mode (Fix #9982)

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Since programming and development tutorials can be easily found all over the Internet, it is no wonder that more and more users like to experiment and at least tweak if not create apps. For this purpose, specialized software is required, and Notepad++ is one such tool supporting source code editing for multiple programming languages.

As suggested by its name, Notepad++ can also be regarded as a more complex text editor that comes with additional functions compared to the standard Notepad.

When installing, attention is required since it has numerous components that can be unchecked to reduce the disk space it occupies. Thus, the localization files and the themes can easily be skipped, but it is recommended to install all the plugins and auto-completion files to ensure a complete programming experience.

Notepad++ comes with a clean and simple interface without looking crowded despite its large array of functions, since they are grouped into appropriate menus with some of them being accessible from the context menu within the main window.

As mentioned, Notepad++ supports multiple programming languages and includes syntax highlighting for most of them. Plus, it can work with multiple documents at the same time, while remaining incredibly friendly with hardware resources.

When it comes to development, each menu is hefty enough to satisfy the needs of all programmers, whether they deal with editing, searching, encoding or running macros.

Through the use of plugins, the functionality of Notepad++ can be greatly enhanced, and one of the integrated ones brings FTP support while others are a spell checker or an ASCII to HEX and vice-versa converter. Extra functions can be added with third-party plugins so it’s up to the user to choose the ones they prefer.

To wrap it up, developers or not, all Windows users are advised to give Notepad++ a try, even if it is only to get a taste of what a complex text editor looks and feels like.

Notepad++ (Compare plugin) Video Guide

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Notepad++ 8.1 for Windows

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