Notepad++ Portable 8.1

Edit your text and source code files with the help of this simple and efficient application that you can take anywhere with you on any portable storage device

What’s new in Notepad++ Portable 8.1:

  • Fix regression of auto-completion performance issue (Fix #9975)
  • Fix Open dialog with “Save” label for “Open” button (Fix #9966)
  • Fix Notepad++ crash on dark mode while starting up (Fix #9961)
  • Improve look & feel in dark mode (Fix #9982)

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This is the portable version of Notepad++, the alternative to Windows’ standard Notepad, and it is mainly used by programmers.

Everything that Notepad++ has to offer but wrapped within a portable package

Thanks to its portability, Notepad++ doesn’t need to be installed. In other words, your Windows registry entries will not be affected in any way. Furthermore, you can place Notepad++ on an external device and directly run it on any computer.

So, with Notepad++ you can save sessions, use multiple stream selections, edit rectangular areas, trim trailing space from lines, perform mouse gestures (which cannot be configured) and use hotkeys (which are customizable).

Full-featured notepad utility that is mainly intended for programmers

Unlike the Notepad utility that Windows comes with, Notepad++ automatically saves the current session and reopens it on the next restart (this behavior can be changed from the “Preferences” menu).

The program supports syntax highlighting and folding, automatic completion (for words and functions), the newline format and several searching options (e.g. replacing, dialog-free, incremental, smart highlighting). In addition, you can view the document’s properties in the “Summary” area, encode text in several ways (e.g. ANSI, UTF-8), toggle full screen mode and wrapping mode, zoom in and out of text, manually hide lines, use multi-view to compare two documents and make changes, and more.

Lightweight, portable and highly capable app that can be used by all categories of users

The program uses a very low amount of system resources, comes with a thorough help file and has a user-friendly interface. All in all, Notepad++ is a great application, especially when it comes to writing code. We strongly recommend it to all users, including programmers.

Notepad++ (Compare plugin) Video Guide

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Notepad++ Portable 8.1 for Windows

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