Protegent 360 2021 ( / Update 2021-06-17

Keep your laptop safe and secure by protecting it against malware, trojans and viruses, monitor Internet activity and unformat corrupted drives

Protegent 360 is a security suite that packs several tools designed to keep an eye out for suspicious activity, prevent corrupted or infected files from being downloaded to your computer, lock vulnerable ports and locate your laptop in the unfortunate event it gets lost or stolen.

Straightforward setup, but requires your attention

While overall forthright, it is recommended that you take the time during the installation to select the appropriate components of the suite. Therefore, before the actual setup, you can specify if you prefer Protegent Total Security, Activity Reporter, Port Locker & Data Leakage Prevention, Laptop Tracking & Data Encryption, Crash Proof and SysBoost to be installed as well.

The program comes with a rather rugged and outdated interface, but that is intuitive and easy to navigate. From the main window, you can access the functions that you installed and configure them so that they meet your needs and preferences.

Configure the firewall, antivirus and parent control effortlessly

As far as the antivirus and security tool is concerned, you can perform quick or deep scans on your computer and clean or quarantine all files that are considered a threat. At the same time, you can enable the USB vaccine mode and shortcut detection features so that you prevent infections from various devices that you are connecting your computer.

You can avert attacks to your system by activating the firewall embedded and tweaking it to keep an eye out for malware, spyware, dialers, DDoS attacks or other threats that can be found on adult or controversial websites, for example. Moreover, in case you want to keep your children safe, then you can activate the parental control feature and make sure they do not access content that can harm them.

A simple, yet comprehensive security solution

In spite of the fact that it does not in the prettiest package and does require a bit of your attention during installation and configuration, Protegent 360 is a complete security suite that provides you with several tools to protect your system as well as lend you a hand with recovering stolen laptops.

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Protegent 360 2021 ( / Update 2021-06-17 for Windows

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